Kit Cornell Pottery

Kit's Peace

Exeter, N.H. - Kit Cornell, age 76, died surrounded by family and comforted by Lago’s ice cream at home on July 27.

Kit shared her thoughts and opinions openly, always asking important questions. She championed forward thinking and community involvement, tirelessly advocating for women and minorities. Her recent favorite quote by Ai Weiwei: “Everything is art. Everything is politics.”

Statement, published in "The Art Guide 2017: To South Coast Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire", Summer 2017

Kit delighted in making pottery that people could afford and use daily. She fostered supportive relationships among artists and collaborated on creative projects, including an installation at the Exeter Public Library. Her article, “One Vessel at a Time”, recently appeared in Studio Potter (https://studiopotter.org/one-vessel-time).

She is survived by her children Jacques Cornell and Jessamy Wood, daughter-in-law Allison Lynch, grandchildren Jasper Cornell-Lynch and Samantha Wood, and siblings BJ Glanville, Darcy Kulesha, Nick, Pat, and Bob Bailey.

The family is grateful for compassionate help from Exeter Hospital, Exeter VNA and Hospice, and the support of friends.

In her younger days, Kit zipped about in her Triumph TR3 convertible. Now she’s driving through the afterlife with wind in her hair. A celebration of Kit’s journey will eventuate this fall. In lieu of flowers, support of local arts is encouraged.

porcelain teapot set
Porcelain teapot set
Residence & pottery at 69 High St. The Victorian house dates from 1880.
40-cubic foot brick kiln fired w/natural gas purchased with a grant from the League of NH Craftsmen.